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Matrox Imaging Donates $300K in Software Licenses to CRVI In Support of Quebec’s Industrial Innovation

Incorporating Matrox Imaging vision software platforms in research and development of industrial robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence applications

MONTREAL, Quebec, 12 October 2021— Today, Matrox® Imaging announces an educational initiative in collaboration with the Centre de robotique et de vision industrielles Inc. (CRVI). A donation of more than $300K in software licenses was provided to the CRVI, with the aim of furthering research and development in industrial robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Fostering excellence in AI for robotics and vision

Located in Lévis, Quebec, CRVI’s mandate is to harness the potential of machine learning in robotics and vision to make companies more competitive and productive.
Their research focuses on AI-assisted industrial automation; the CRVI is a leader in Quebec’s efforts to implement advanced technologies for Industry 4.0 and beyond. They also offer their expertise to small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada seeking practical assistance in selecting and deploying vision-based solutions.
With projects implemented in diverse industrial sectors, including agri-food, manufacturing, aerospace, security and defense, energy and wind power, and medical technologies, CRVI is bolstering their position as a leader in applied machine vision, robotics, and AI through the development of industry partnerships.

Looking to a smarter, more automated future

Matrox Imaging’s software donation is a key part of a five-year R&D project in robotics, including AI and machine vision. CRVI is building a research lab in the Lévis techno park, which is also the future site of an AI-focused data-center campus, currently in development by QScale. This project will host supercomputers capable of processing masses of data, critical to vision research and development of AI.

CRVI’s objective is to develop an innovative advanced robotics platform. They have a particular focus on neural network training and accelerating robotic systems development and deployment through learning and simulation. They will also create four experimentation/prototyping spaces to address machine assistance and robot-human collaboration; transformation of assembly processes; improve inspection and logistics; and enhance enterprise systems management.

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Driving innovation in Quebec

Matrox Imaging’s donation includes 30 licenses of each of its vision software packages. Both Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X, a software development kit (SDK) for writing program code, and Matrox Design Assistant® X, a flowchart-based integrated development environment (IDE), were provided. The software also provides access to MIL CoPilot, an interactive programming environment to facilitate and accelerate the application prototyping, a key aspect of CRVI’s latest initiative.
The “brain” behind vision systems, both software platforms employ deep-learning-based image classification technology for automated inspection. Neural network training—including transfer learning and fine-tuning—are supported by the software, which supplies a range of pre-defined CNN architectures to work with. MIL X and Matrox Design Assistant X deliver the necessary object- and feature-location tools to aid machine and robot guidance. Key steps streamline visual inspection and assembly processes through anomaly detection and conformance to quality standards. An extensive range of 2D and 3D image processing and analysis functions cover complex inspection, recognition, and guidance requirements.
The contribution from Matrox Imaging is significant, totalling just over $300K; provision of this software familiarizes students and researchers with these industry-leading vision platforms for advancement of research initiatives or further knowledge transfer to corporate enterprises.
“The key objective of this research initiative is to further the possibilities of AI and cloud computing,” says Louis St-Pierre, Business Development Manager, CRVI. “The generous contributions from Matrox Imaging will help CRVI develop architectures for connected robots, robotic tools, PLCs, and sensors, as well as scalable robotic simulation applications and accelerated computing platforms for AI. We are excited to help propel Industry 4.0 and beyond through home-grown R&D.”
“Matrox Imaging is thrilled to collaborate with CRVI in support of the next generation of AI and vision researchers and developers in Quebec,” says Lorne Trottier, President and Co-Founder, Matrox. “We hope this will help propel the CRVI’s initiatives, allowing them to more fully explore and develop specialized vision projects. Matrox and CRVI share core values regarding innovation, engineering excellence, and helping companies actualize their objectives. Together, we will play a part in leveraging new technologies to drive human/machine collaboration.”

About CRVI

CRVI is a college technology transfer center located at Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon. CRVI has been an integral part of Quebec’s innovation system since 1984. For more information, visit

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