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Matrox Imaging Announces New Version of Flowchart-Based Vision Software

Matrox Design Assistant X Version 2109 provides new 3D tools, support for the new Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras, OPC UA communication, a new HDR step, and more

MONTREAL, Quebec, 2 December 2021—Today, Matrox® Imaging released the latest version of its flowchart-based vision software, Matrox Design Assistant® X.
Version 2109 includes a range of new 3D steps and functionality; supports the Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras; offers OPC UA communication to manufacturing systems; features a new step for enhancing image contrast; and simplifies project troubleshooting and optimization.

Steps for 3D acquisition, display, analysis, and processing

Matrox Design Assistant X interfaces to a wide range of 3D cameras and sensors, including Matrox AltiZ 3D profile sensors, as well as third-party 3D cameras and sensors through their SDK or the interface standard they support.
The new version adds the ability to visualize point clouds—optionally color-coded, meshed, and filled—in addition to depth maps and profiles.
Also new to Matrox Design Assistant X are steps to crop 3D data and calculate volume. The former allows users to pull out a portion of a point cloud for closer analysis while the latter computes the volume of a depth map or a point cloud.

Support for Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras

Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras are model edge IoT devices that deliver complete on-device image acquisition and processing for real-time, optimized response and action. Matrox Design Assistant X provides Matrox Iris GTX users a suite of tools for developing both traditional machine vision operations as well as deep learning inference in the form of image classification and segmentation.
A product demo video showcases how Matrox Design Assistant X and a Matrox Iris GTX perform visual inspection with deep learning aided by traditional machine vision.

Industry 4.0 integration

Matrox Design Assistant X comes ready for the demands of Industry 4.0, supporting communication using the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) for interaction with manufacturing systems.

More new tools and functionality

Version 2109 of Matrox Design Assistant X also includes a new high dynamic range (HDR) step. This step works to generate images with enhanced contrast by combining images of an identical scene, taken at different camera exposure levels, into a single image with a greater range of luminance.
To enhance operator insight, the IDE incorporates new charts into the operator interface to graphically show results, including trends.
Finally, Matrox Design Assistant X simplifies project troubleshooting and optimization with runtime execution monitoring and reporting capabilities.
“The latest release of Matrox Design Assistant X delivers a broad range of new functionality, especially for 3D machine vision,” says Fabio Perelli, Product Manager. “With the expansion of support for 3D and the Matrox Iris GTX, inclusion of HDR imaging and OPC UA communication, Matrox Design Assistant X vision software really speeds up and simplifies modern application development.”


Version 2109 of Matrox Design Assistant X is now available.

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