Register Software

All new customers must register their Aurora Design Assistant (formerly Matrox Design Assistant X) and Aurora Imaging Library (formerly Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X) software to enroll in its respective maintenance program. Enrollment entitles the user to receive technical support, free software updates, and access to Matrox Vision Academy for a period of one year. Aurora Imaging Library-Lite (formerly MIL-Lite X) does not require software registration. Please note, software updates cannot be registered.


Select the software to register:

For help with software registration, please contact technical support or a local Matrox Imaging Partner.


Software maintenance and technical support

Discover the benefits of software maintenance, how to register to enroll, and how to get access to technical support.
Please note: Any technical questions regarding Matrox Video products should be directed to Matrox Video.