Camera and 3D Sensor Interfacing

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Matrox Imaging is a strong supporter of camera interface standards as demonstrated by its active participation in their creation, development, and evolution. Even with the systematic implementation of these standards, interoperability between cameras and acquisition hardware and software from different vendors is not always a given. Matrox Imaging takes the extra step by working diligently behind the scenes to ensure its hardware and software continuously interoperates seamlessly with cameras from manufacturers worldwide.
When necessary, Matrox Imaging creates – proactively, and on demand – digitizer configuration format (DCF) files for a camera and its operating modes. These are available through Camera Interface Application Notes or from technical support. Users are thus able to reap the benefits of ready compatibility, requiring minimal effort to acquire from their camera of choice.

Third-party manufacturers

Matrox Imaging routinely collaborates with the following manufacturers to provide ready-to-go camera and 3D sensor support.
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Camera Interface Application Notes

For Camera Link®, analog and legacy LVDS/RS-422 interfaces, Matrox Imaging publishes Camera Interface Application Notes that contain DCF files and additional details required to implement the camera to frame grabber interface.



Video Specification Form (PDF - 245 KB)