Matrox Design Assistant Workshop

Attend this workshop and discover why Matrox Imaging's smart camera and software is the smart choice for your next vision system

This free workshop provides a perfect introduction to the Matrox Iris GTX smart camera and Design Assistant software. With the assistance of the instructor, participants will complete several projects using Design Assistant's integrated development environment. They will also learn how machine vision applications can be configured and deployed more quickly and easily using a Matrox Imaging smart camera. Plus, participants will have the chance to speak with the instructor about their specific application requirements.

This free workshop includes:

  • A brief introduction to Matrox Imaging and the Matrox Iris GTX smart camera
  • Matrox Design Assistant overview
  • Building several projects with Matrox Design Assistant
    • Learning about the interface
    • Locating objects
    • Creating and working with "conditions" - flowchart workflow
    • Blob analysis
    • 1D/2D code reading
    • Character recognition
    • Basic image processing functions
    • Calibrating
    • Measuring
    • Bead tool
    • Color tools
    • Creating operator views (demonstration only)
    • Communicating with external devices
  • Q&A


What you can expect...

  • All course materials are provided. Participants are responsible for bringing a laptop running Microsoft® Windows® 8® or 10® to the workshop.



To find out when the next course is scheduled, please contact: [email protected] or +1-514-822-6020 / 1-800-804-6243.
Please note, this training course is offered in English only.