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The world's most comprehensive solution for reading dot-matrix text

While barcodes have made identifying products easy for machines, a format that can also be easily read directly by human consumers is still very important. To this end, dot-matrix characters as produced by inkjet printers remains the most common form of human-readable text on product packaging. If set properly, inkjet printers provide legible printing; however, the realities of the production line and the print surface lead to variations/imperfections in the way text is printed. These imperfections make reading for automatic tracking difficult.
Matrox SureDotOCR is a software tool specifically designed for the unique challenge of reading dot-matrix text. Its use is straightforward, requiring the user to specify dot size, number of characters in a potential text string, and dimensions—but not the location—of the text region.
SureDotOCR includes a set of pre-defined fonts but also accepts custom fonts for more precise matching. Capable of reading multiple lines of text, SureDotOCR can even read each line of text in different fonts.
SureDotOCR recognizes punctuation marks and blank spaces, and supports user-defined constraints, overall and at specific character positions, to further enhance recognition rates. SureDotOCR reads strings located at any angle, with varying contrasts, and on uneven backgrounds. It interprets distorted characters and handles some variability to character scale.
The ability to accurately track and trace product throughout the process and out to distribution is a crucial quality-control measure for meeting regulatory requirements. Track and trace also protects the organization, giving them a firm handle on liability if a product recall were to occur.




Where to find Matrox SureDotOCR?

Matrox SureDotOCR is available in the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and Matrox Design Assistant software.
MIL is a software development kit (SDK) for creating vision application through traditional programming. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for every step in the process, from application feasibility to prototyping, through to development and ultimately, deployment.
Matrox Design Assistant is an integrated development environment (IDE) where vision applications are created by constructing an intuitive flowchart. The IDE also enables users to directly design a graphical operator interface for the application.
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What people are saying about SureDotOCR...

"We are thrilled to see the release of Matrox's much anticipated and innovative OCR technology because it will be a major enhancement to our CIVCore® platform, finally allowing us to confidently address a significant packaging inspection requirement."
Tobias Vancura, Head of R&D, SBU Vision Inspection, Mettler-Toledo®


In addition, registered users of Matrox Imaging software gain access to Matrox Vision Academy, the comprehensive online and on-premises training resource for Matrox Design Assistant and Matrox Imaging Library. Online, Matrox Vision Academy comprises a multitude of categorized instructional videos on how to use our software and SureDotOCR to create vision applications. This just-in-time resource allows users to seek out training on specific topics of interest, where and when needed. Matrox Vision Academy also offers on-premises, instructor-led training courses; these cover the main aspects of using Matrox Imaging software. For more information and scheduled courses, please visit Matrox Vision Academy.