Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) Tools


MIL X has a tool set for handling the registration or fusion of images for various objectives. A Stitching tool is available for transforming images taken from different vantage points into a unified scene, which would be impractical or impossible to achieve using a single camera. It can also align an image to a reference for subsequent inspection. The tool contends with not only translation, but also with perspective, including scale. Alignment to a reference image or to neighboring images is performed with sub-pixel accuracy and is robust to local changes in contrast and intensity. In addition, the tool can be used for super-resolution where a sharper image is created from a series of images taken from roughly the same vantage point, which is useful for dealing with movement such as mechanical vibration.
Separate extended Depth-of-field and Depth-from-focus tools are on hand to produce, respectively, a single all-in-focus image and an index image from a series of images of a motionless scene taken at different focus points. The index image can subsequently be used to infer depth.
A Photometric Stereo tool is offered to produce an image that emphasizes surface irregularities—such as embossed or engraved features, scratches, or indentations. The image is produced from a series of images of the same scene taken with directional illumination as driven by a Quad (X2) Controller from Advanced Illumination (Ai), Light Sequence Switch (LSS) from CCS, a LED Light Manager (LLM) from Smart Vision Lights, or similar light controller.
An HDR imaging tool is also available to combine images of an identical scene, taken at different camera exposure levels, into a single image that contains a greater range of luminance.