Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) Tools

Feature extraction and analysis

MIL X provides a choice of tools for image analysis: Blob Analysis and Edge Finder. These tools are used to identify and measure basic features for determining object presence and location, and to further examine objects.
The Blob Analysis tool works on segmented binary images, where objects are previously separated from the background and one another. The tool—using run-length encoding—quickly identifies blobs and can measure over 50 binary and grayscale characteristics. Measurements can be used to sort and select blobs. The tool also reconstructs and merges blobs, which is useful when working with blobs that straddle successive images.
The Edge Finder tool is well suited for scenes with changing, uneven illumination. The tool—using gradient-based and Hessian-based approaches—quickly identifies contours, as well as crests or ridges, in monochrome or color images and can measure over 50 characteristics with sub-pixel accuracy. Measurements can be used to sort and select edges. The edge extraction method can be adjusted to tailor performance.