Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) Tools

Distributed MIL X Interface

Coordinate and scale performance outside the box

MIL X can remotely access and control image capture, processing, analysis, display, and archiving. Distributed MIL X functionality provides the means to scale an application beyond a single computer and make the most of modern-day HPC clusters for machine vision applications. The technology can also be used to control and monitor several PCs and smart cameras deployed on a factory floor. Distributed MIL X simplifies distributed application development by providing a seamless method to dispatch MIL X (and custom) commands; transfer data; send and receive event notifications (including errors); mirror threads; and perform function callback across systems. It offers low overheads and efficient bandwidth usage, even allowing agent nodes to interact with one another without involving the director node. Distributed MIL X also gives developers the means to implement load balancing and failure recovery. It includes a monitoring mode for supporting the connection to an already running MIL X application.