MIL CoPilot

Pilot hat and badge on blue background

A new era for vision application development using MIL X

Set up. Train. Experiment. Prototype. Generate code.

Working with a programming library to assess the feasibility and best approach to developing a vision application can be intimidating and time consuming. Matrox® Imaging eases this burden with MIL CoPilot, an interactive environment for Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X that accelerates evaluation and prototyping.
Within the MIL X software development kit (SDK), MIL CoPilot enables users to set, try, and tune operations before including them in a particular vision application—without writing any code. A live preview allows users to experiment freely before committing to an operation. It also includes utilities to help determine the best tools and settings for a given project as well as generate a custom encoded chessboard calibration target and edit images.
Any work done within a session is conveniently held together in a workspace for future reference or sharing with colleagues.
MIL CoPilot delivers dedicated workspaces for training one of the supplied deep learning neural networks for Classification. These workspaces feature a simplified user interface that reveals only the functionality needed to accomplish the training task.
The best part is MIL CoPilot will generate clear, functional code from the recorded operations for any MIL X-supported language (C++, C#, CPython, and Visual Basic®). This provides even the most experienced developers with a faster, easier, and more efficient approach to jump-start vision application development.




To further facilitate development, registered users of Matrox Imaging software gain access to Matrox Vision Academy, the comprehensive online training resource for MIL X and its applications. Matrox Vision Academy offers a multitude of categorized instructional videos on how to use MIL X and MIL CoPilot to create vision applications. This just-in-time resource allows users to seek out training on specific topics of interest, where and when needed. Matrox Vision Academy also offers on-premises, instructor-led training courses. For more information, please visit Matrox Vision Academy.