Matrox Design Assistant Tools

Pattern recognition steps

Matrox Design Assistant X includes two steps for performing pattern recognition: PatternMatching and ModelFinder. These steps are primarily used to locate complex objects for guiding a gantry, stage, or robot, or for directing subsequent analysis and processing steps.
The PatternMatching step finds a pattern by looking for a similar spatial distribution of intensity. The step employs a smart search strategy to quickly locate multiple patterns, including multiple occurrences, which are translated and slightly rotated. The step performs well when scene lighting changes uniformly, which is useful for dealing with attenuating illumination. A pattern can be trained manually or determined automatically for alignment. Search parameters can be manually adjusted and patterns can be manually edited to tailor performance.
The ModelFinder step employs an advanced technique to locate an object using geometric features (e.g., contours). The step finds multiple models, including multiple occurrences that are translated, rotated, and scaled. Model Finder locates an object that is partially missing and continues to perform when a scene is subject to uneven changes in illumination, thus relaxing lighting requirements. A model is manually trained from an image and search parameters can be manually adjusted and models can be manually edited to tailor performance.