Matrox Design Assistant Tools

Color analysis steps

Matrox Design Assistant X includes a set of tools to identify parts, products, and items using color, assess quality from color, and isolate features using color.
The ColorMatcher step determines the best matching color from a collection of samples for each region of interest within an image. A color sample can be specified either interactively from an image—with the ability to mask out undesired colors—or using numerical values. A color sample can be a single color or a distribution of colors (i.e., a histogram). The color matching method and the interpretation of color differences can be manually adjusted to suit particular application requirements. The ColorMatcher step can also match each image pixel to color samples to segment the image into appropriate elements for further analysis using other steps such as BlobAnalysis.
The ImageProcessing step includes operations to calculate the color distance and perform color projection. The distance operation reveals the extent of color differences within and between images, while the projection operation enhances color to grayscale image conversion for analysis using other grayscale processing steps.