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Matrox Imaging Delivers Scalability and Power with High-Density Industrial Computing Platform

Matrox Supersight industrial computers boast a novel switched-fabric backplane, room for multiple system host boards, and simplified system integration

MONTREAL, Quebec, 31 March 2021—Today, Matrox® Imaging announces the renewal of its established Matrox Supersight vision controller series, which now boasts three models, namely Matrox Supersight Solo, Matrox Supersight Duo, and Matrox Supersight Quad.
This high-density industrial computing platform can accommodate up to four computers in a standard 4U enclosure. Each computer or compute cluster is equipped with an embedded Intel® Core™ processor, and works alone or together with the others to implement distributed computing. Matrox Supersight is fully supported by Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X, allowing developers to build and deliver a complete, scalable solution that can handle intensive image capture and processing tasks.

Deploy future-ready systems with confidence

Engineered for scalable system performance and maximal density, Matrox Supersight provides a choice of PCIe® x16, x8, or x4 interfaces for tailoring host data transfer bandwidth needs. Systems builders benefit from a common switched-fabric backplane that can accept up to 10 full-length and one half-length, full-height PCIe expansion cards for image acquisition, network interfacing, processing offload, and acceleration demands. Supplemental boards can be Matrox Imaging branded or from third-party suppliers.
The powerful, flexible platform leverages Intel processor-powered system host boards (SHBs) which communicate with each other at high speed through a novel PCIe Gen3 switched fabric backplane. The Matrox Supersight vision controllers support image-acquisition boards for all major interfaces including those with a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) for offloading image processing from the host(s).
A full suite of robust software tools is available through MIL X for developing customized applications. Distributed MIL (DMIL) functionality is particularly helpful, enabling application partitioning across multiple compute clusters with efficient command and data exchange.
A lifecycle-managed integrated platform with consistent long-term availability, from a proven, single vendor, gives users the confidence to build systems that will be there for the long term.
Matrox Supersight Solo
Matrox Supersight Duo
Matrox Supersight Quad card
Matrox Supersight Solo (left) features a single SHB with either 7 or 11 expansion slots, Matrox Supersight Duo (center) has two SHBs with 10 expansion slots, and Matrox Supersight Quad (right) has four SHBs with eight expansion slots.
“Scalability was the primary objective when renewing the series,” says Fabio Perelli, product manager, Matrox Imaging. “Matrox Supersight industrial computing platforms are ideal for intensive image-capture and processing demands. The innovative switched-fabric backplane ensures efficient communication and data exchange, and MIL X affords power and control function. Matrox Supersight is the backbone of a complete high-end vision solution.”


All models of Matrox Supersight will be available in Q2 2021.

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